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The Historical Society has many opportunities for you to get involved! Give us a call or check out our membership & volunteer page!

Our History

Since its founding in 1974, the Marysville Historical Society has been preserving the history of the Greater Marysville Area.  Through collections of artifacts, tools, clothing, photographs, documents, researching stories, and sharing our heritage with the community, The Society has worked to keep the City of Marysville’s history alive for future generations.

The dream goal has always been a museum to house and display the collection.  The dream is coming true.  The museum building is under construction now and the next several months will be busy as we finish the displays and exhibits.  The inside will be completed with the “barn raising” concept from long ago, where neighbor helped neighbor put up buildings.  You too, can be a neighbor and help finish the inside, just contact us to see how your skills will fit.

In 1999, the City announced plans to demolish the historic water tower in Comeford Park.  The Society took the lead in the battle to save the tower and led the fundraising campaign that succeeded in saving this piece of history.  On December 7, 2002, the restored water tower was dedicated as part of the “Merrysville For the Holidays” celebration.


Marysville Historical Society